Payment Options

Last changes: 08-28-2020

Accept key payment options with SmartPay, you find below the list of supported payment options, check which of these will be made available in production with Volkswagen Payments S.A. for your individual integration. – During the integration phase, these will be enabled by ContoWorks GmbH.


Credit Cards

SmartPay includes Visa and Mastercard as default accepted payment types.

Debit Cards

As part of SmartPay online payment processing, credit and debit cards are handled in the same manner where issued by major card brands.

SEPA Direct Debit

SmartPay supports SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debits, facilitating the processing via this standardized payment infrastructure within the EU, processing of both one-off and recurring payments for EU customers.


SmartPay supports PayPal


SmartPay supports iDEAL.

Payment Options Test Data

For tests, payment options please refer to Payment Option Test Data.