Consent Revocation

Last changes: 09-25-2019

1. Consent Information Requesting

The E-Wallet portal allows the customer to inspect his/her consent information, i.e. the list of relevant third party providers with the corresponding consent status.

2. Consent Revocation Requesting

Consent can be revoked by the customer at any time. If the customer revokes the consent with a TPP, the E-Wallet Portal initializes the consent revocation process and displays a QR-code in the "Action Confirmation Page".

Now, the customer uses his/her KC Authenticator app for a second factor authentication. After successfully scanning the QR-code the app shows a one-time password.

3. Consent Revocation Confirmation

By entering the one-time password the customer confirms to revoke the consent with the corresponding TPP and the E-Wallet Portal displays the result of the revocation process.